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Oy Snellman Ab is a well-known family company in Jakobstad. The company produces high-quality meat and pork products. The meat content of the products is high and the products do not contain any unnecessary additives. The company has been active for 60 years and has more than 700 employees.

Winpos POS system was the clear choice

The collaboration between Snellman and Winpos started in 2012, when Snellman decided to get a modern POS system for their factory restaurants and shops. - In the restaurant we had an old, complicated POS system and in the shops we only used a sales system. In connection with the expansion in 2012, we also wanted to renew our POS system to be able to follow up the statistics more efficiently. We looked at different alternatives and in my opinion Winpos Mega Store was the most advanced POS system. Besides that, it was easy to use and had good reporting tools. The choice was also affected by the fact that Winpos' Vasa office is located near us, says Ove Snellman, product developer at Oy Snellman Ab.

Professional installation, training and implementation

Snellman uses the Winpos POS system in two shops and three personnel restaurants. They have a total of 10 work stations. The installations and integrations with Snellman's ERP- and payroll software were carried out professionally and quickly. - It was obvious, that Winpos had planned the project carefully in advance. Winpos also trained our employees before the POS system was implemented. The trainer was brilliant, he gave us examples and assignments, which made things easier to remember. After the training we all felt Winpos was easy to use, Snellman tells us.

Faster point of sale workflow and more effective business follow-up

Winpos was integrated with e.g. the payroll software used by Snellman. - The integration makes it possible for our employees to make their payment at the point of sale so that the purchase amount is directly deducted from the salary. Every employee has his own id, which is simply entered into the cash register. Also the business follow-up has become more effective. The POS system is reliable and we can trust the reports to be accurate, says Snellman. 

Promises have been kept

- Our collaboration works well. Winpos has fully met our requirements even though we have not yet taken all functions into use. Winpos works brilliantly and I can recommend the system to others as well. All promises have been kept, says Ove Snellman.


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