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Salkari trusts multichannel solution with POS system and online shop


Four years ago, the Salkari jewelry store in Vaasa was faced with a big decision. CEO Markus Tuominen chose Winpos out of four different alternatives, and has not regretted his decision since.

The Salkari jewelry store is a family company at the heart of Vaasa. The jewelry store has the largest selection in the city, including high-end jewelry-, watch- and gift article brands. Salkari has a fixed as well a a mobile point of sale, which are both connected to a cloud-based server. In 2013, the POS system was integrated with a Gambit online shop.

The flexible POS solution changes and grows with the company

More than anything else, we valued the user-friendliness of the POS system. The reporting tools, stock functions and one-shot buttons also facilitate the business, Tuominen says and adds: - Using our old POS solution, performing the stock inventory was challenging. With the new system, we are saving a lot of time as well as our nerves.

- When acquiring a system, I think you have to take a look into the future and picture, what will be required of your system five years from now, in case your business expands or changes. If the solution is not carefully planned, the merchant  may have to renew his system in just a couple of years, Tuominen says, and continues: - Winpos is a flexible system. I have recommended the system to many others because of its modularity. If the entrepreneur needs to add some features, he does not have to acquire a whole new system. Winpos grows with the company and can be integrated with many other systems. 


Online shop and physical store

About three years ago, the jewelry store decided to open an online shop. After long and careful consideration, they chose Gambit, a company also located in Vaasa, as their online shop supplier. Tuominen thinks, that the decision turned out well in several ways. - The project was run competently by both Winpos and Gambit. The information flow between the POS system and the webshop runs smoothly. We enter product information and price changes in the store, from where the information is updated to the online shop in real time. Today, 15 % of Salkar's sales happens online, and we can manage the online store while serving customers in our physical store.

Seamless collaboration with the right partners

Salkari jewelry store is also pleased with the collaboration. - It works great with both companies and help is never far away. We succeeded in choosing the right partners and haven't had one day of regret. Both Gambit and Winpos know, what it takes to maintain a customer relationship. Whenever we have had problems or new ideas, both partners have given us excellent service.

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In the picture: Markus and Hanna Tuominen, Salkari Oy


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