The Winpos POS system optimizes stock management

Known for good customer service, Life has been the flagship of health food stores for more than 20 years. About 75 stores use the Winpos POS system and some of the stores also use the Winpos multi-store system. The first multi-store system was taken into use in 2005 by Life Vita-Kunto Oy, which has two stores, one in Turku and one in Raisio.


Winpos multi-store system optimizes customer service and productivity

Experienced health food merchants Jan and Leena Blomqvist have been the merchants of Life Vita-Kunto Oy for 9 years after a generational change. The company has been in business for 26 years. Since the Blomqvists are the merchants of two stores, of which one is located in Turku and the other in Raisio, taking the multi-store solution into use felt natural. The multi-store solution allows the merchants to monitor sales statistics of both stores in nearly real time.


The right products in the right place at the right time

– The best part of the system is the real time stock follow-up, which facilitates ordering routines and stock management. It is also possible to make price changes and create campaigns in both our stores from one place. The sales history on article level facilitates making orders and determining the right order amount, says Jan Blomqvist. Today, information has to be easily and quickly available, so that we can focus on what is essential - customer service and selling.


Life offers quality and professional service

Expertise and a genuine interest for your trade is also essential. The Blomqvists have been in the health food industry for 13 years. Leena has the highest level of natural product vendor degree and Jan has extensive experience of the retail industry even before joining the family business full time. In both Life stores, the customer gets to enjoy not only excellent customer service, but also an extensive and high-quality assortment. - All our products are carefully tested and safe, and if a product is out of stock, the Winpos multi-store solution enables a quick and easy stock transfer between our two stores, Blomqvist says.


An excellent and flexible partner

Blomqvist has been able to participate in the development of the Winpos multi-store system. - We participated in the product development, especially in the early stages of the pilot phase. Many improvements were made on the basis of our user experiences. In this regard, Winpos has been an excellent and flexible partner.


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