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Winpos delivers the complete POS system, Eurostore, to Euronics in Sweden 

Winpos and Euronics have agreed, that Winpos will deliver a complete business & product management system to Euronics.

Euronics is the leading chain of consumer electronics retail stores in Europe with 139 stores in Sweden. The chain has more than 11,000 stores in 28 European countries and a turnover of 145 billion. Winpos will deliver the complete business & product management system Eurostore to the individual stores as well as the chain's head office in Stockholm. Eurostore has been developed in cooperation with Euronics.

Winpos has specialized in developing complete retail and restaurant POS systems. The company's main product is Winpos' own POS software, which has been developed for specialty stores, restaurants and retail stores. The POS trade will be going through substantial changes, since bank and credit cards will be equipped with chip technology according to the new standard created by the large international credit card suppliers. The Swedish tax authorities also have a new law, according to which, every cash register has to be equipped with a black box. Naturally, Winpos will have these modules ready before delivering the system to Euronics.

Euronics was looking for a reliable supplier to deliver a modern business and product management system tailored to Euronics' demands for a comprehensive product management solution. Euronics does not use a central stock. The chain wants to optimize purchases and logistics, "From the factory to the store without expensive middlemen". "Gone are the days when products were purchased and placed in central stocks, where the price erosion quickly eats up the margins before the products have left the stock. Today the key to product management is cooperation with the industry, long term planning, and a good product distribution strategy", says Peter Örbrink, CEO of Euronics. He also says that the Eurostore system, which will be directly integrated with the industry through the suppliers' order system, enables a "virtual" stock management for optimizing purchases and product planning. "Long term purchase and delivery planning, before the products have even been produced, is a prerequisite for the chain as well as our suppliers. It is a question of making logistics more effective and securing product supply."

"We chose Winpos as our system supplier because of their prior experience of similar custom projects involving logistics and product management. We placed a lot of emphasis on the supplier's prior references, the functionality of the system and especially on the supplier's ability to further develop the system according to our demands and also on the service mindset of the staff. Winpos Sweden AB was selected after an offer round involving 10 potential suppliers", says Peter Örbrink.


Published 24.11.2009


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