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Finland's most versatile recreation centre


Finland's most versatile recreation centre, Särkänniemi adventure park, consists of the Amusement park, the Dolphinarium, the Planetarium, the Aquarium, Näsinneula Tower, Angry Birds Land and the Doghill theme park. The area has many restaurants and cafés and more than 600.000 visitors every year. There are over 80 Winpos points of sale in various environments.

Need for modern POS system with integrations

- Our reporting and integration needs required us to get a new POS system. The system had to be modern and it had to allow integrations. Our future POS system supplier also had to be flexible and service-minded. Winpos met our requirements and we took the Winpos Mega Store POS system into use in 2012, says Tuula Salminen, information management manager at Särkänniemi.

Smooth implementation and cost-effective integrations

- Winpos carried out the installations and integrations with ERP- and analytical software logically and cost-effectively. The implementations happened in phases. We did some of the installations ourselves, since we also have some knowledge of POS systems. Our IT-specialist Mari Leino created the structure of Särkänniemi's system together with Winpos. All and all, installations and implementation were carried out very smoothly, Tuula tells us.

Challenging POS system environment

Särkänniemi recreation centre has 15 ticket sales points and about 30 restaurants with 2-3 points of sale each. This extensive environment entails quite a few challenges for the POS system. All points of sale have to function and generate reliable information in real time in order for the business follow-up and management to work in such an extensive and versatile environment. In addition to this, Särkänniemi employs about 550 new summer workers every summer, of which 150 quickly have to learn to use the POS system. In the busy summer season the training can not take too much time. - Winpos really is easy to use and our employees have not had any problems learning to use it, Tuula says.

Fewer mistakes and faster sales process

Salminen is pleased with Särkänniemi's new POS solution. - Thanks to Winpos our sales process is faster and fewer mistakes are made. We are also very pleased with the third parties involved through Winpos, such as the payment terminal supplier. To us the POS system is a key system, which has to be reliable under all circumstances, Salminen says.

Good collaboration benefits both parties

The collaboration between Särkänniemi and Winpos benefits both parties. Särkänniemi offers insight into an interesting field and possesses strong IT knowledge. - We tell Winpos about our user experiences and ask them useful questions. Our experiences help Winpos further improve their functions. Our co-operation has been excellent. We have received good customer service and the information runs smoothly between Särkänniemi and Winpos, Salminen tells us.

Särkänniemi recreation centre


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