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Dudesons Activity Park trusts upstanding Ostrobothnian service

Dudesons Activity Park opened its doors in Seinäjoki 3.8.2014. The project had a tight schedule. In three months, an amazing activity park, a restaurant and a daycare center were built in an old 5000 square foot industry hall. The Dudesons participated in the planning process and visitors are able to try out many of their crazy stunts in the park. Dudesons Activity Park has something for everybody, grown-ups as well as children and also companies, since the park has high-class sauna and conference facilities.

The park has got off to a good start. Chairman of the company board, Jani Karvonen, and CEO Maarit Karvonen are happy with the first year. - Our goal was 120 000 visitors, and it looks like we are going to achieve that.

POS system - part of complete service solution

Dudesons Activity Park chose a complete POS service solution consisting of the Winpos POS system, Anvia online shop and Netvisor financial management system. The whole system was delivered in collaboration with the local company Anvia yrityspalvelut Oy. - We wanted a reliable and comprehensive solution, that would work in real time.  Our partner Anvia recommended the Winpos POS system. Winpos had interfaces towards Anvia online shop solutions and the Netvisor software. It made sense to get all services from one place. It saves time and furthermore, help is never far away when we need it, Jani Karvonen says.
The challenging delivery schedule did not pose any problems to Winpos.

Winpos had to deliver the system in a tight time frame. - It was summertime, and we were short-staffed, but we did our best to stay on schedule. We managed to arrange the demos and draw out the contracts very swiftly. We started to prepare the delivery immediately. Despite the summer holiday season, we were able to organize all necessary installations and training sessions. The project stayed on schedule and all points of sale were ready to start selling on the opening day, says Winpos sales manager Jouni Mäkynen.

Winpos Activity park

Working integration ensures reliable data transfers between systems

The Dudesons Park has been using Winpos for nearly a year now. - The POS system and its integrations have worked well. All promises have been kept and as a whole, everything works like intended, Jani Karvonen says.

The information is transferred between the online shop and the POS system in real time. When articles are updated in the park, the information is immediately sent to the webshop. Correspondingly, when articles are bought in the webshop, the information is instantly transferred to the POS system.

Regarding the Netvisor-Winpos integration, Dudesons Activity Park was a pilot customer for Winpos. The park's bookkeeping is handled by Talousruutu Seinäjoki Oy. Accountant Ritva Kekola is happy with the integration. - Netvisor has facilitated and speeded up the financial management routines. Much of the manual "labor" and paper work has been eliminated. The cash flow report is sent directly from the POS system to the financial management software, which has really facilitated our daily routines. We only have to edit the VAT rates on the receipts in order for the software to register the VAT information correctly. The bookkeeping happens in real time, Kekola says. If problems should occur, help is never far away.

The staff of the Dudesons Activity Park quickly learned to use the new POS system, despite the limited schedule, which did not leave much time for training. Maarit Karvonen is happy with the service she has received. - Everyone knows how to use the very user-friendly POS system. There are only a few features in the Backoffice software, that we have not yet had time to get acquainted with. We have had very few problems, but on those occasions, we have received help very rapidly from the Winpos customer support. We have never been kept waiting on the line and have always reached the right person quickly, Maarit Karvonen tells us.

Pirttihirmu kassa

Dudesons Activity Park has 5 Aures Sango points of sale and a virtual backoffice system.
The photo shows summer worker Timi Isoaho.



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