Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma

Pasi Rautanen

In the photo: Kuuma Sauna & Restaurant’s CEO Pasi Rautanen


Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma focuses on quality in all aspects


In the city centre of Tampere, at Laukontori, Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma opened its doors this summer. The company chose Winpos as their POS system supplier and CEO Pasi Rautanen is satisfied with the company's new and modern POS solution. - We chose Winpos, because their system enabled all the functions we wanted, such as invoicing and space bookings. Their system best met our needs, Rautanen says. - And Winpos has proven to be a good solution, he adds.

Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma combines a café-restaurant, terrace bars, wood stove and smoke saunas into an entirely new Nordic relaxation experience. Including the terraces, the sauna restaurant has 659 customer seats and in addition to this, a busload of sauna bathers have room in the sauna facility, which includes dressing and cool-down areas. Soon, Kuuma will also have a pool, where the sauna bathers can safely take a dip around the year. 

The restaurant and kitchen have been as carefully planned as the sauna facilities; the food concept has been developed by TV chef Sara La Fountain, while chef Eero Mäkelä and his team are responsible for the menu. The restaurant also offers a wide range of beverages, which has been carefully planned together with experts.

Kuuma uses 5 fixed and 2 mobile POS terminals. - We have been pleased with Winpos from the very start. Despite of a tight schedule, installations and user trainings were carried out smoothly and everything was ready before opening day. Everybody learned to use the system quite quickly, because the user interface is very user-friendly. Reports are sent to the management by e-mail every morning, which enables us to evaluate our opening hours continuously. Soon, we will also be taking the Winpos booking calendar and graphical reporting tool into use, Rautanen says. 

- I can recommend Winpos, Rautanen says. - The POS system works well for cafés, bars and restaurants.


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