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Winpos and Holy Smoke have worked together for about a year. The restaurant wanted to decrease the margin of error and streamline the business as well as the service.


Holy Smoke is located right by the city square of Seinäjoki. The restaurant runs a night club as well as a food restaurant. There is a light scent of smoke in the air, coming from the heart of Holy Smoke, the large open fire grill. Locally sourced ingredients are favored and the goal is that every dish should be prepared and cooked fresh on the premises. In addition to the à la carte list, the restaurant serves delicious lunch every weekday and brunch on Saturdays.

- We started our business in 2015 using a traditional cash register, but from the get-go it was clear that we would acquire a modern POS system at some point. The cash register was slow and clumsy. The waiters wrote the orders on notes and a lot of time was wasted on pointless manual work stages, says the owner of Holy Smoke, Jani Ketola.

Discussions concerning a new POS system and the needs of the company started with Anvia in Seinäjoki in the spring of 2016. Anvia recommended Winpos to Ketola, and the stone was set in motion. - Winpos was the most sensible alternative for us, regarding both functions and price, Ketola remenises.

The installation and education phase was very straight forward. We have been especially pleased with project manager Ari-Pekka Kattainen. I think it's good, that we have our own contact person at Winpos, who knows the project.

Holy Smoke uses 2 fixed and 3 mobile POS terminals combined with integrated payment terminals. Running the restaurant is now noticeably clearer and faster thanks to the new system. - I can honestly recommend Winpos to other restaurants. Now all orders are sent directly from the POS and payment terminals to the kitchen. Also sales and stock management is easier. Reports required by different authorities and other reports are preset and automatically sent from our system, Ketola says happily.

Ketola reveals, that the restaurant will be needing more POS terminals, since Holy Smoke plans to expand to other cities.

Published 23.02.2017

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