Hotel-Restaurant-Bowling Alley Alvariini

Versatile POS solution and reliable partner

Hotel-Restaurant Alvariini in the Finnish town of Alajärvi has been collaborating with Winpos for five years. Hotel entrepreneurs Tomi and Salla Hemminki are happy with their choice of POS system. - We had no prior experience of POS systems, but anyone who has used a computer is able to use the Winpos system, Tomi says laughingly.

ALVARIINI'S POS ENVIRONMENT is extensive. The hotel-restaurant uses three POS terminals to manage a hotel, a restaurant, a bowling alley, ticket sales, a cloakroom and conference & sauna bookings. - We also sell service packages, such as theater packages and packages for occupational health promotion, Salla says and continues: - Winpos is a sensible and easy POS solution, that fits our business perfectly. 

In Alvariini the food has always been made from scratch and local produce are favored. In October, Alvariini switched from an à la carte menu to locally produced burgers. Since then, the number of visitors has increased manyfold, which motivates the entrepreneurs. - Our POS services, orders as well as payments, work well also when we are working at a fast pace. It feels great, that people have responded so well to the changes we've made, the couple says cheerfully.

POS system Alvariini

In the photo: Jouni Mäkynen and Tomi Hemminki


HOTEL BOOKINGS are made with the Sportum booking system. Winpos sales manager Jouni Mäkynen and Tomi are discussing integrating the two systems. - We have made integrations with Sportum before, so the interface is not a problem, Mäkynen says. Other possible projects, such as implementing a kitchen display and waiter terminals, are also discussed.

The lively discussion continues and clearly reflects the good collaboration between the two companies and the sales person's interest in the customer's needs. - We have always received fantastic service from Winpos. My father used to say "A good bell is heard from far, a bad one still further". - Winpos has really internalized the meaning of the old saying and knows the importance of nurturing customer relationships, Tomi Hemminki says commendingly.


 Alvariini Hotel Restaurant Bowling Alley


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