Hamburger restaurant Himas Winpos POS System

Himas & Winpos


Hamburger restaurant Himas in Vaasa has been using a Winpos POS system for a year. The restaurant is located near the city square of Vaasa and attracts customers with its reputation as well as the scent from a charcoal grill. Himas has an open kitchen and an urban livingroom-like atmosphere. The high-quality burgers are made from clean locally produced ingredients. The  menu also includes beers from local small breweries.

Restaurant owner Fatos Kavaja owns another restaurant in Vaasa as well. Pizzeria Illyrians is also one of the most popular restaurants in Vaasa. Illyrians is still using a traditional cash register, but this will be replaced by a Winpos system in the future, Kavaja says.

- Winpos is a very user-friendly POS system. The reports are clear and arrive in the mail every morning. All statistics are easily found in the system. The reports show, which articles are the most sold ones and the sales reports help us calculate demand and reduce waste. The cash register functions are also easy to use. 

Fatos Kavaja is happy to recommend Winpos for the hospitality sector. - Yes, I truly am. I have actually already done so several times. For example restaurant Little Pub in Vaasa chose Winpos partly because of my recommendation, the happy restaurant owner tells us with a laugh.

- Our collaboration has worked incredibly well. I wouldn't have expected such good service, when we first started using the system. I especially want to thank the Winpos customer support staff, who have always given us assistance quickly when needed. Thank you Winpos for the good collaboration!

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