POS System evolves with customer demands


Restaurant company Oy Fondis Ab in Vaasa wants to be a forerunner in the restaurant industry. The Winpos POS system largely enables automatic and paperless reporting as well as great customer service. The system has been developed in collaboration and functions smoothly in various environments.

Oy Fondis Ab has four places of business, three of which are located on different floors of the same building: karaoke and entertainment restaurant Tørst Company downstairs, Brasserie & Bar Fondis including a terrace serving food on street level and night club Fontana Club upstairs. Fondis also runs a summer restaurant at the golf course in Vaasa. 

– We want to continuously develop our restaurants and operations. We want to be a forerunner in technical matters and service, as well as other areas, says Susanna Ristiluoma, CEO and restaurant keeper of Oy Fondis Ab.

– Our personnel are our first priority. They need to have all the right equipment in order to serve customers in the best possible way, Ristiluoma continues.

“Their support was very helpful and worked well"

The company is currently using the Winpos POS system in all four places of business with altogether about 12 points of sale. The Winpos POS system has largely enabled automatic and paperless reporting for Oy Fondis Ab. The Winpos system was taken into use when it was time to renew their old POS equipment.

– At that stage, we wanted to explore our options. Winpos was a local operator, which was significant.

– Their support was very helpful and worked well. I didn’t have to call around Europe trying to reach someone, Ristiluoma explains.

The system is actively developed in collaboration

The system has been developed in collaboration over the years. Winpos played a role in enabling Oy Fondis Ab to become the first Finnish restaurant to use Mobile Pay. Winpos also receives thanks for their knowledge of the restaurant industry. Since many other restaurants also use the system, Winpos knows the demands of the industry.

– We discuss our needs and wishes regarding the software development. It has been very refreshing and nice to see, that they are willing to listen to the customer's point of view.

– Winpos has been a very active operator. They want to continuously develop their products, which is very important when considering the kind of products they have,  Ristiluoma underlines.

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