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The well-known Fondis restaurant in Vaasa keeps up with the rapidly developing POS and payment techology



Fondis Restaurants is one of the most popular restaurant complexes in Vaasa. The versatile and youthful restaurant environment at the corner of the Vaasa city square consists of the Brasserie / Bar Fondis restaurant, the Fontanaclub night club and the El Gringo pub. The complex also includes a separate golf restaurant. Fondis has a total seating capacity for 1600 people. The modern restaurant uses centralized business monitoring through their Winpos POS system.

Collaboration increasingly important in rapidly developing industries

Fondis Restaurants started their collaboration with Winpos 5 years ago, when the restaurant wanted to modernize and centralize its POS services.

- Fondis is an extremely important customer for Winpos. Both companies want to develop the POS system and be front-runners in the development. We have received and still receive a lot of valuable feedback directly from them. Winpos has rapidly grown into one of the most significant suppliers of restaurant POS systems in the Nordics and that is largely due to our ability to listen to the customers' needs, react and develop the POS solution at a quick pace, says Winpos sales manager Jouni Mäkynen.

Fondis restaurantsIn the photo: Fondis restaurant manager Jaakko Isokangas and Winpos sales manager Jouni Mäkynen

Every restaurant entrepreneur should know in real time how the company is doing

The restaurant complex currently has more than ten points of sale on three different stories. The restaurant environment is under constant development. The CEO of Fondis Restaurants, Susanna Ristiluoma, is keen to try new things and has always been among the first to test new Winpos features and services.

In May, the restaurant's POS system was integrated with the Procountor electronic financial management system. Thereby, the data is sent directly from the POS system to the financial management system.

- This is the modern business world, every entrepreneur should keep tabs on how their company is doing", Ristiluoma says. "The integration enables us to monitor our business in real time through the electronic financial management system.

Fast service increasingly important

Lately the restaurant industry has been paying more and more attention to the speed and flexibility of customer service. Mobile payment terminals and wireless tablets are examples of highly topical products.

- The POS and payment technology is under constant development and customers want ever faster service. POS functions and payments should be quick in restaurants. Just one too many button pushes at the point of sale or on the payment terminal can lead to frustration, Mäkynen says. The latest trend is mobile payments and accepting mobile payments in restaurants.

The first Finnish restaurant to implement mobile payments in their POS system

The latest mutual project for Winpos and Fondis started in early May, when Fondis was the first Finnish restaurant to implement Danske Bank's MobilePay in their POS system.

- I was excited, when I heard that the application was being developed also for companies and we got the chance to be the first restaurant in Finland to accept mobile payments. MobilePay had been widely used on the consumer side for more than three years already, so our customers already knew how to use it. I had been watching for some time already, how frequently our customers were using MobilePay for money transfers between each other. It seemed like a very logical step for the restaurant to start accepting mobile payments as well. I believe, that this quick payment method will become very widely used in restaurants already this year, Ristiluoma says.

The advantage of Danske Bank's MobilePay application is, that it can be downloaded by clients of all Finnish banks and can be used on all smart phones. The upper limit of 25 € for contactless payments being too low for restaurants, the customer can pay up to 500 € with the MobilePay application.

Jouni Mäkynen and Susanna Ristiluoma believe, that the collaboration between Winpos and Fondis will last and continue through many interesting projects. The next project could be implementing waiter terminals.

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