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Coffeehouse chain Espresso House

The POS system is a vital part of the international coffee shop chain's business management


Espresso House is the largest and fastest expanding coffee shop chain in the Nordics. The chain currently has about 300 coffee shops spread across four countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In late 2017 the company will expand into Germany.

In the spring of 2016 Espresso House chose Winpos as supplier of a new advanced POS system to be implemented throughout the chain. The system delivery included integrations with the chain’s own mobile app and financial management system. Today, the Winpos POS system is a vital part of the chain’s full-scale ERP system.

Oskar Röös, head of CRM and loyalty at Espresso House, tells us that one of the reasons for choosing Winpos was that the company made a competent impression and matched Espresso House in terms of size as well as geographical coverage. Another determining factor was, that Winpos convinced Espresso House, that they had the competence and resources to carry out challenging development projects, which are essential for realizing long-term strategies.

The project has gone well and Röös is happy with both the system and the project management delivered by Winpos. According to him Winpos staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and honest. Röös also says, that although the basic functionalities of the Winpos system cover the chain’s extensive demands to a large part, Espresso House also highly appreciates being able to tailor the system through configuration or development. He also commends the flexibility of the Winpos system, which makes it possible to adjust both use and support to the chain’s way of doing things.

Nico Nysten, project manager at Winpos, states that the collaboration with Espresso House has been excellent. – It is a real privilege for us to be part of the development of their international operations through the work with the ERP system, Nysten says.

Oscar Stenberg, CEO of the Winpos Group, is proud of the fact that Espresso House chose Winpos. Stenberg says, that Winpos is also an active participant in forming the chain’s IT strategy regarding the ERP system. – Together with Espresso House we are creating a sustainable with innovative solutions, which strengthen our whole software platform, Stenberg concludes.


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