Tourism and Leisure POS system

Centralized multi-location control



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Industry-specific POS solutions

Winpos POS system is ideal for museums, schools, public swimming pools, amusement parks, cities and the tourism and cruise industry. Our POS system includes all central POS features and facilitates your daily routines, regardless of whether you sell tickets or provide public service.

Centralized monitoring


Centralized multi-location management

Our POS system for the tourism and leisure industry works reliably in environments with multiple points of sale representing various industries, such as ticket sales, restaurants and shops. Winpos POS systems provide centralized and clear monitoring and management of all your business acitivities.

Chain management


Flexible chain management

Regardless of whether you operate a single-location business or a multinational chain, our POS system is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Winpos POS system easily integrates with many other software.

Customer management


Clear visitor tracking and customer management

Maintain customer- and visitor information in your system and target offers, bonuses and campaigns to specific customers or customer groups.


Mobile POS systems


Mobile POS for mobile sales

Liberate your sales. A mobile POS solution enables you to sell anywhere and speed up your service. Mobile POS terminals are also ideal as extra points of sale to be used during high seasons.

Ticket reservation


Online orders and ticket sales

Winpos collaborates with several booking system and online shop providers. Sell your products and tickets both online and offline and get centralized stock management.

Payment management


Payment management

We collaborate with several leading payment terminal and mobile payment providers, such as Nets, Verifone and MobilePay SEQR.

Installation services


Extensive service network

Winpos is a European POS system provider. Our strong partner- and service network ensures, that help is never far away.

Winpos Helpdesk


Committed customer support

Winpos customer support is at your disposal every day, including evenings and holidays. Submit a support request at or by telehone or e-mail.

POS solutions for companies of all sizes

Winpos POS system
Single-location POS systems

Winpos POS system is well-suited for environments with one or a few points of sale. The system easily integrates with other software, such as online shops and ticket sales systems.

Chain management
Complete chain solutions

Regardless of how many business locations your chain includes, our scalable POS system will always adjust to your needs and provide centralized business activity management.

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Winpos POS system is widely used in the tourism and leisure industry.

Ready integrations with commonly used software in the tourism and leisure industry

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Modern and effective POS equipment is part of the solution

Winpos POS system works on all Windows units. Our modern and first-class POS peripherals are durable and made for professional use. We provide compact POS terminals, mobile units, payment terminals, barcode readers, receipt printers, kitchen printers, cash drawers and other peripherals.

POS solutions for the tourism and leisure industry


Winpos customer support is always at your disposal

Winpos customer support consists of information management and customer service professionals, who are assisted by our software development team and the project contact person. Support requests can be submitted using a form, by e-mail or via telephone. Our customer support is at your disposal every day of the year, including evenings.

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