Compact POS Terminals

SP5514 POS Terminal


SP-5514 POS Terminal

Small and compact POS terminal with elegance, flexibility and energy-efficient technology all wrapped into the same package.

SP 1060 POS Terminal


SP-1060 POS Terminal

A fast and high-performance POS terminal with a simple and elegant design. 

Aures Yuno POS Terminal


Aures Yuno Design POS Terminal

A POS terminal with stylish and compact design. Can be mounted to a wall or placed on a stand.

PT6515 POS Terminal
PT-6515 POS Terminal

A compact POS terminal with integrated customer display, receipt printer and magnetic card reader.


Aures Sango POS Terminal


Aures Sango POS Terminal

A stylish and space saving solution. Place your cash drawer or receipt printer under the display to save space. Available in a wide variety of colors.

SP 850 POS Terminal


SP-850 POS Terminal

This POS terminal is built on a sturdy and splash resistant aluminum frame with a wide tilt angle. A high-performance POS terminal for all industries.

Audrey A5 kassapääte



Design POS Terminal Audrey A5

A POS terminal with stylish design and high performance. The modern and efficient Intel processor guarantees high speed and reliability.




All-in-one PAT-120 POS-PC

Removable display. With built in WiFi capabilities, it also functions as a portable POS terminal. Integrated receipt printer.

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