Barcode Readers

L-46X Barcode reader


Opticon L-46X Barcode reader

The Opticon L-46X is a modern, lightweight and ergonomic 2D barcode reader. The L-46X scans 100 pictures per second. This barcode reader is Ideal for the retail industry, service points and stock control.

Eclipse 5145 Barcode reader

Eclipse 5145 Barcode reader

Small and lightweight handheld laser barcode reader. The CodeGate technology allows this barcode reader to read closely placed barcodes. Ideal also or stock control. Available in white or black.

Voyager 1200G Barcode reader


Voyager 1200G

Voyager is a high-precision and durable laser barcode reader. Can be used handheld or stand mounted. The CodeGate technology allows this reader to read closely placed codes. Ideal also for stock control.

Honeywell Orbit Barcode reader

Honeywell Orbit Barcode reader

A compact high-performance omnidirectional barcode reader. The 20-line scan pattern guarantees high speed scanning.


Inventory Scanner OPH-1005


OPH-1005 Handheld terminal

Lightweight and user-friendly handheld terminal with wireless lrDA data transfer. The terminal can also be used to handle purchase orders.


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