Electronic Invoicing

Finvoice e-invoices

Finvoice is a publicly available and safe e-invoicing standard designed by Finnish banks. Finvoice invoices can be sent to companies as well as consumers. Electronic invoicing has several benefits for the invoicer. Because you do not have to print the invoices, put them in envelopes and mail them, you save both time and money while the risk of typing errors is eliminated. Checking and confirming the invoices is easy. All invoices can be electronically saved and the account entries can be automated.

The Winpos MegaStore® POS system enables electronic invoicing. All you need is a separate Finvoice module and a Finvoice contract with your bank, which enables sending invoices through the bank's interface.

Finvoice e-invoices are transferred between suppliers of the Finvoice service and other operators if required.

For more information, visit www.finvoice.info


Finvoice e-invoicing - benefits for the invoicer:


  • Fewer errors
  • Streamlined economic administration
  • Improved customer service
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Eco-friendly and modern
  • Facilitated liquidity management, money in your account on due date
  • Easy and affordable implementation
  • Optimized invoice processing
  • High-quality payment information
  • Reference numbers can be defined by the invoicer

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