Cloud-based Services

Winpos Cloud Virtual Server


Winpos Cloud is an alternative to the traditional fixed server. The Winpos Cloud virtual server gives you quick and safe access to all your business information. You are not dependent on your office server and do not have to worry about information loss or server problems.


Why choose a virtual server?


  • Save space, electricity and server costs
  • Improve the information security of your company
  • Facilitate server management
  • Scalability: Adjust server size and capacity according to the needs of your company or chain


Is the information safe in the cloud?


  • Backups of the information on the virtual server are made in a physically separate IT facility to ensure, that even a major accident does not lead to information loss.
  • The server facility has multiple simultaneous internet connections to ensure, that you always have a working internet connection, regardless of eventual problems in one of the connections.
  • The servers are located in Finland and have a fast internet connection.



Mobile POS solutions

Winpos POS systems adapt gracefully to mobile devices. Mobile POS terminals speed up customer service and reduce the risk of errors.

Winpos Mobile POS


The Winpos Omnichannel solution allows you to sell both offline and online at the same time. Our centralized solution will boost your business.

Winpos Omnichannel

Chain management

Winpos enables centralized business control in real time, regardless of how many business locations or sales channels you operate.

Chain control 2

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