Chain Management

Reliable and scalable chain management

Winpos adapts to the needs of your chain, regardless of whether you have 2 or 500 business locations. The system also grows with your company. Winpos enables centralized business monitoring and management of all your business locations and sales channels in real time.

Modern and logical chain management


  • Effective sales management
  • Reports in real time
  • Cross-border and multi-country solutions
  • Article-, pricing- and stock management
  • Campaign- and customer loyalty management
  • Offline functionalities
  • Real-time monitoring of sales information in a visual dashboard view
  • Integrates with many leading business management systems:
    • different payment terminal solutions, wholesale connections, web shops, booking systems, hotel reservation systems, financial management systems, ticket systems and BI solutions.


Cloud-based services

An alternative to the traditional fixed server. Winpos Cloud Virtual Server gives you quick and safe access to all your business data.

Winpos virtual server


The Winpos Omnichannel solution allows you to sell both offline and online at the same time. Our centralized solution will boost your business.

Winpos Omnichanel

Mobile POS solutions

Winpos POS systems adapt gracefully to mobile devices. Mobile POS terminals speed up customer service and reduce the risk of errors.

Winpos Mobile POS

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