Good maiden voyage, Aurora Botnia!


Wasaline´s M/S Aurora Botnia departs on her maiden voyage on Saturday 28.8.2021.  

The ship will operate between Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden. This route has been operated since the 1940s, but Aurora Botnia is the first new ship on the route.

According to the shipping company, Aurora Botnia is the world´s most environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry, and the first car and passenger ferry in the world to meet the criteria for the Clean Design class listing. The ship accommodates 800 passengers and has a cargo capacity of 1500 lane meters.

Winpos has had the privilege of following the completion of the new vessel, as Winpos and Wasaline have been cooperating since 2012. Aurora Botnia´s restaurants and shop are equipped with a total of 15 new Winpos-checkouts.

Winpos wishes Kvarken´s new queen happiness and prosperity as well as many safe and secure nautical miles!

Take a look at the ship: 

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