Future restaurant orders and bookings are made from multiple channels


Restaurant and order systems are developing rapidly in today's world. There is a constant demand for more efficient service and faster information. As the use of cash decreases, new payment methods and order channels are emerging. Many work stages, such as financial management, have already been largely automated. Self-service kiosks are an increasingly common sight in fast food restaurants, and various customer-specific pre-order and loyalty apps are becoming more and more common.
As a POS system developer, Winpos has lately been focusing especially on the needs of the restaurant industry.
We have invested a lot of work into developing our restaurant system and new apps that speed up the ordering and kitchen processes as well as payments.

Orders directly to the kitchen display from mobile POS, customer's phone or self-service checkout


We are currently developing a pre-order app for consumers, which enables the customer to make and pay his order directly in the app. Another, more advanced solution, is the Winpos Self-service checkout, which is already in use in several places.
Winpos Mobile POS is an advanced app that works in smartphones and tablets. The waiter registers the order directly in the app, from where it is sent to the kitchen or a selected preparation point.
Payments can be made at the customer's table using a wireless payment terminal. The serving staff can forget about pen and paper, while the kitchen gets all the necessary information in real time.
Regardless of which order channel is used, orders can be directed directly to the kitchen display. The chef sees the order on the display and can confirm it as done with the push of a button, when the meal is ready. In a fast food restaurant, this information can be displayed on a screen in the restaurant hall. When the customer sees his order number, he knows that his order is ready to be picked up. Quick and easy.
This feature also enables follow-up of delivery time, which can be utilized in work shift planning.
We can offer multi-channel solutions for restaurants today as well as in the future. Our solutions enable restaurant owners to centrally control their operations, automate new work phases and offer their customers payment and ordering methods via different channels.
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