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Moomin World

Moomin World - a long-term Winpos customer

The Moomin World has been using the Winpos POS system for several years and is very pleased with it. "Winpos is a very userfriendly and logical system. All functions are consistently in the right places. We operate a seasonal business and the staff has to be able to learn how to use the POS system quickly, since there is no time for long training sessions", says administrative manager Jarkko Kuitunen. "Winpos is also a great ticket counter. Customer service runs quickly and we are able to use other software on the same machine." 

Clear and quick reporting

Jarkko Kuitunen is also very familiar with the Winpos back office software and commends the reporting features, which facilitate the maintenance of bookkeeping accounts. "Before, I would get the sales information per profit center and I had to print twenty different reports for our bookkeeper. Today I only have to print three reports, which I can send to the bookkeeper via e-mail. Winpos is a very versatile, yet userfriendly software", Kuitunen says. 

Functioning technical support in problem situations

"Our cooperation with Winpos has always been good and their technical support has been excellent. In problem situations we just call Winpos Helpdesk, where possible problems are quickly solved using remote contact", Jarkko Kuitunen says. 

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The Moomin World in Naantali was founded in 1993 on the initiative of Dennis Livson, producer of the Moomin tv-series. The theme park, where you can meet the moomin characters and get acquainted with their lives, has approx. 220,000 visitors annually.