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Safe and convenient business data storage

Winpos e-backup keeps all your business data, such as article- and customer information, receipts and reports, safe from disaster. You no longer need to waste company resources on handling back-ups and you can forget about cd's and memory sticks, which are not as safe. All you need to be able to use our e-backup service is a broadband connection and an e-mail address.

Winpos e-backup automatically makes an e-backup to an external server once a day. The data transfer is encrypted and all your information is 100 % safe on the e-backup server. You can make sure that the information has arrived safely, or retrieve information. Once a week you will also receive a report by e-mail, which will show the information, which has been transferred to the server. Winpos helpdesk will also make sure, that everything runs smoothly. Safe and convenient, or what?

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The e-backup is performed to an external server once a day.