A POS system for effective business management

Aschan Coffee

Aschan coffee




- A POS system should be easy to use, quick and logical to ensure, that customer service will run smoothly, says Charlotta Nylund, business manager of Aschan Coffee in Finland. Because our trade has a high employee turnover, learning to use the POS system must be quick and easy. - The Winpos POS system has many features, that facilitate the every day work of an entrepreneur.
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The Moomin World

Moomin World




The Moomin World has been using the Winpos POS system for several years and are very pleased with it. "Winpos is a very userfriendly and logical system. All functions are consistently in the right places. We operate a seasonal business and the staff has to be able to learn how to use the POS system quickly, since there is no time for long training sessions."
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Mara winpos cooperation






The Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa and Winpos have make a cooperation agreement. MaRa is a leading national trade and labor market association in the hospitality industry in Finland. It represents a wide range of companies in the hospitality sector: hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, tourism businesses and wellness service providers, to mention a few. The member companies in MaRa represent over 85% of the hospitality sector in Finland.

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We also offer a financing solution, which helps you spread out the costs of your POS system investment evenly over a longer period of time. The flat monthly rental fees facilitate budgeting.